Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Idol Top 3

I'm really bummed because I wrote a very profound review of last night and I thought it posted but I just checked and it didn't!! So here is a short review:

Danny 1- alright. Stupid pick from Paula
Kris 1- good. Great pick
Adam 1- good pick but didn't like the melody change...he looked better except for the nail polish

Danny 2- great
Kris 2- the best ever
Adam 2- hated it....ruined one of my favorite songs with his creepiness

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Top 4

I have to say that this week's show was kind of blah for me. I know it was supposed to be exciting rock week but I can't help it...blahhhhh

Adam- creepy Adam was back this week. Hated his shimmy, his striped pants, and his necklace with the lock. And I hated the first song. I don't think Zeppelin is my kind of music but i really just hated it. sorry.

Allison- I thought she did better than last week, hated the mullet she had going on, and I hated her outfits. Both of them. I am full of hate tonight evidently. But I thought she sounded pretty good.

Kris and Danny duet- ehhhh. I thought Danny was definitely better than Kris, but I thought Kris looked more comfortable on stage. I really liked the harmonies but I agree that it was just kind of boring.

Kris- sigh. I was worried about him and I thought he did better than expected but not great. I don't know if he's going to make it to next week. very very sad

Danny- I really really liked Danny's song until the very last note. I agree that it was like a horror movie scream. And I hated his vest and pinstripe pants. But overall I liked it.

Adam and Allison- is it obvious to anyone but me that the idol people want these 2 in the top 2? I thought they did great together and I think she kind of toned him down a little bit. hated the outfits....they are trying way too hard to look rock'n'roll!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Idol Top 5

Wow I loved Rat Pack night!! I still don't understand how Jamie Foxx applied but I thought he did a great job! here are my reviews:

Kris- I have to say he was not at his best in my opinion! I know it's horrible....but I still love him and as my mom says "He is cute as pie!"

Allison- I thought she looked great the low lights in her hair. Unfortunately I thought she screamed the song...again..and I didn't really like the phrasing of the song..and I think she should probably go on home this week.

Matt- I still LOVE Matt!!! And I thought this might have been his best performance so far. I do wish he played the piano again but I thought it was fantastic!

Danny- first half was boring and the second half was AWESOME!

Adam- Once again I find myself slightly disturbed watching Adam. I didn't like the entrance and I didn't like the suit. When I listen to his voice I think it is great but I can't concentrate on anything else but his creepiness!!! And the tongue was the worst I think I have ever seen! It's hard for me to judge him

Monday, April 27, 2009

April in Pictures

Oops these are totally out of order! Oh well............

Hula Hut in Austin at TSHA

After our presentation

This is a really bad picture and I can't get it off of here!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Idol Top 7

I know I am late with this post...thanks Aunt Ruthie for point out that I am a slacker! I don't remember the order but.....

1. Allison- I actually liked her a lot this week. That used to be one of my favorite songs so I really liked it. But I think she still looks a little too rough for me.

2. Danny- same old same old from Danny this week. He sounded great but I am actually getting a little bored with him. He needs to spice it up a bit.

3. Adam- he went back to creepy man mode. I didn't enjoy the weird skipping on the stage and I agree with you Lora about the tongue thing. gross. But of course he can sing and I do look forward to him to see what he's going to do next.

4. Matt- I still love Matt! This wasn't his best vocal performance but I still really think he is talented. I also adore that song but I can't help but remember when Chris Daughtry sang it and it was unbelievable. I wonder if that was the week he got voted off....

5. Anoop- ehhh. It might be his week to leave. He had the sweaty lip thing again so it was hard for me to concentrate on his singing.

6. Kris- I didn't know the song but I really liked his performance. It was a little slow at the beginning but I think that was just the song.

7. Lil- ugh it is time for this girl to go! But I think she might get to stay one more week. You can't over sing The Rose. Nope. Sorry!

Alright that's all I got. LATER!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Idol Top 8

I watched this late last night and yes I did get to see Adam bc I am super smart and set the DVR to always go over about 7 minutes.

In Summary:

1. Danny- great again but I think a little forgettable this week. And I have a theory that when you go first you will be in the bottom three. We'll see.

2. Kris- good but not as good as last week

3. Scott- yuck i think he really may go this time. I thought it was a bad song choice as well

4. Lil- I agreed with everything they said but I didn't think they needed to keep beating her over the head about it. I think she will be in the bottom three

5. Anoop- I really liked his performance and I thought he sang it well. He's still not my favorite but I think he should stay longer than SCOTT!

6. Allison- that is one of my favorite songs and I think that she over sang it. I know she's great and all but she just doesn't do it for me. I agree with Simon that she's not very likable

7. Matt- I LOVE MATT!! I thought he was fantastic! He just is so comfortable on stage it's amazing. He has a killer voice too.

8. Adam- That song reminds me of this really scary CSI episode so I was kind of scared the whole time but I thought he did great. He might actually win this thing...and I can't decide how I feel about that.

On another note....has anyone noticed how they are lip syncing all of the group numbers this year??? I HATE that! Just wondering if anyone agrees

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Idol Top 9


Anoop- he's turned a corner for me this week....going down down down. I thought he was cocky and lame. My mom's quote of the week "We don't need a mustache from you Anoop."

Megan- UGH I am so ready for her to go home. What happened to her last name Corkrey? Why is she just Megan Joy now? I don't like that

Danny- fantastic...he had gone down a little last week for me but he's back! Loved it

Allison- yuck I hated her outfit and I thought she was screaming the song. She will do better next week I'm sure

Scott- I will say that this was probably the performance that I have enjoyed the most from him. He still needs to go though but I don't think he will

Matt- I liked it! I was tired of the R&B Matt and I liked the change. I don't know why they gave him such a hard time...he is still soooo much more talented than some of the others. He wasn't as good as last week so who knows what will happen to him. He totally does not deserve to go home.

Lil- I am really getting tired of her....she is good but oh so boring. And has she ever heard of Spanx?

Adam- I realized after he was finished that I was holding my breath the whole time. I have to say he is growing on me but I still find myself nervous when he is performing that he might stop and lick the camera. But he does have a darn good voice.

Kris- bravo little Kris!! I thought this was his best week yet! He definitely had the moment he was hoping for. He is getting better and better every week. love him

I think that........Megan or Anoop will go home this week. It's a guessing game at this point. I will be in Austin until Saturday for a speech convention so I will talk to you all later! Have a good week!